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From broker’s office in raw materials for animal feed
to trading PCL


In 1984, driving force and founding father Willy Debouver, started his broker’s office in animal feed and agricultural raw materials in Meulebeke, Belgium: PVBA Willy Debouver. The Belgian compound feed industry was his first market.

To expand the national and international trading in agricultural raw materials and by-products for animal feed manufacturers and the compound feed industry, the NV (PLC) Trading Flanders Company was founded. Today both clients and suppliers use our shortened name: TRAFLACO NV.


A family company you can count on


Although we know a fast growth and in the meantime we have evolved from national to international trader, TRAFLACO NV still is a family company. Thanks to a strong-founded organization, high flexibility and a clear vision, father Willy, son Kristof and son-in-law Filip are valued trading partners for the national and international market within the domain of the compound feed industry and the animal feed manufacturers.


Today, TRAFLACO NV makes every effort to advice its customers from the compound feed industry in Belgium and France on the best purchase price for agricultural raw materials and their by-products. In addition to this, our company expands towards various European countries.


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