TRAFLACO NV: international trading agricultural raw materials

TRAFLACO NV: trading company with a clear goal


In the international market of agricultural raw materials and its by-products, TRAFLACO NV has built up a close and professional collaboration with both its clients and suppliers. As a trader within the animal feed and compound feed industry, TRAFLACO NV has set its goal to internationally expand this very same synergy.


Today is the future


With Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, the first step towards international expansion has been made. A qualitative service, experience in this line of business for many years and a thorough knowledge of the market are our trump cards. Thanks to these, TRAFLACO NV today equals a surplus value to both her national as well as her international clients within the compound field industry and animal feed manufacturers.


Every day again, TRAFLACO NV broadens its horizon and at present the focus is on potential customers in other European countries that can make an appeal to our trading skills. From this point on, TRAFLACO NV is building step by step a solid and valued position in the entire European market with high-quality products.


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